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United Police and Nanny States of America - The Third Perspective (Episode 4)
Posted by Shadow (Admin) on May 19, 2013 at 10:49 PM

Theme song: "Police State" by Rebel Inc.

This is a discussion of the Police and Nanny states that have arisen across the nation. As a note I would like to say that the free speech zone mentioned in Modesto, Ca has been painted over and you can freely exercise your first amendment rights again. Disappointing as I so desired to protest it but it's better to have nothing to protest than to have something.

Rob Van Tuinen - Host/Represents the Conservative Libertarians
Byron Brimage - Represents the Liberal Libertarians

Tech Crew:
Rob Van Tuinen - Sound Supervisor/Audio Editor

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Running Time - 59:49

Source: The Internet Archive

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